Synactif Eye Mask

Synactif Eye Mask


Inspired by luxurious detoxifying spa experiences and backed by extensive research, SYNACTIF Skincare targets the natural skin processes of purification and regeneration, empowering skin for a 360° purely radiant, sculpted beauty.

An innovative eye mask that helps minimize the negative effects that can be caused by modern lifestyle habits, such as sleep deprivation. In just 10 minutes, the delicate eye area feels intensively energized and dense fine lines are visibly reduced. Eyes look wide-awake, giving the entire face a more youthful appearance.

The double-layered mask, which covers the entire eye area and adheres comfortably to skin, has been specially developed for SYNACTIF to amplify the penetration of cream with an immediate effect.


  • Harnessing the power of the precious ingredient, Golden Oyster Mushroom Extract, captured through a proprietary refining technology and purification process, effectively increases the look of skin’s vitality
  • Formulated with three carefully selected, potent, plant-derived extracts helps powerfully promote skin's firmness
  • Contains the exclusive ingredient, Purifying Beautifier that helps enhance skin texture, tone and contours for the holistic improvement of the complexion and facial impression from every visible angle


    For optimal benefits, use this eye mask once a week. Make it the final step of your evening skincare routine. Mask is comprised of two contoured pieces, with one for each eye. Separate before use.

    Each contoured piece is designed with two special layers. Handle gently to prevent film layer from detaching. Carefully hold the mask in the area indicated by the arrow (▶) and separate the two contoured pieces from each other. The cream-infused side of the mask will be placed against skin.

    Pull the contoured flaps outward and grasp each side of the mask. Carefully position the mask in the area indicated by the arrow (▶) near the outer corner of the eye. With the horizontal perforation positioned under each eye, press mask gently over the eye area.

    Remove mask after 10 minutes and gently smooth remaining cream into skin.