Synactif Cream
Synactif Cream
Synactif Cream
Synactif Cream

Synactif Cream


A highly potent anti-aging cream that harnesses skin’s nighttime rhythm and the benefits of lymphatic massage to support purification and regeneration for skin that looks dramatically firmer and re-sculpted.

Powerfully enhances skin’s ability to purify and regenerate itself, helping to reverse and prevent signs of aging. Instantly nourishes and hydrates skin with a rich, luxurious texture. Improves the appearance of wrinkles for visibly smooth skin. With continued use, skin becomes firmer and more resilient with a lifted, sculpted appearance.


Contains the Clé de Peau Beauté exclusive ingredient MACC-PD*

  • Rich creamy formula melts into skin instantly to replenish vital moisture
  • Focuses care on the smallest most critical aspects of skin to reduce the appearance of puffiness, sagging, laugh lines, and other imperfections, and create a supple contoured look
  • Encourages clarity and an even radiance in skin while reducing the appearance of spots, freckles, and roughness
  • Eliminates noticeable dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines, dullness, and uneven tone in the eye area and promotes a look of resilience and luminous beauty
  • Scented with a delicate fragrance that reflects the depth and richness of Rose SYNACTIF


  • Exclusive Purifying Beautifier with mulberry and cinnamon bark extracts helps enhance skin texture, even tone, and contours to sculpt from every visible angle
  • Unique formula delivers the feel of rapid, deep absorption
  • Neem Leaf Extract, Inositol, and Pine Tree Extract fortifies skin’s firmness*, and enhance the cream’s power to achieve and maintain well-defined contours (*in vitro test)
  • Retinol ACE combats the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • 4MSK & Vitamin C-Ethyl, Vitamin E, Double Hyaluronic Acid visible enhance bright, even-toned, moisturized, and vibrant skin


After applying Synactif Nighttime Moisturizer, lift a pearl-sized amount of cream from the jar with the spatula and apply to the five indicated areas of the face.

Finish with a lymphatic-inspired facial massage. After blending the cream thoroughly over the entire face, press the points indicated using four fingers of both hands.

  1. Center of forehead → front of ears → facial outline → collarbones
  2. Inner eye corners → upper eyelids → front of ears → facial outline → collarbones
  3. Sides of nose→ under cheekbones → front of ears→ facial outline →collarbones
  4. Chin → front of ears → facial outline → collarbones