Shiseido TSUTSU FUDE Concealer Brush

Shiseido TSUTSU FUDE Concealer Brush


This cylindrical shaped brush is specially created for applying, patting and blending concealer over imperfections. Rounded and tapered to fit right into the spaces under the eyes and other targeted areas for a smooth, seamless, lasting finish. Reinforced with Hidden Core technology to moderate pressure on application. Ergonomic handle design for maximum flexibility and control of application to create precise or diffused and blended looks.


Use the TSUTSU FUDE Concealer Brush to buff and blend concealer, or tap concealer on with it to build additional coverage where needed.


Always wipe the brush with a tissue immediately after use.

To prevent caking, wash the brush and dry it completely before using a product with a different texture. Wash the brush using a mild soap or face wash to remove product buildup. Rinse thoroughly and remove excess water with a dry towel or tissue.

Avoid soaking the brush in cleansing solution as this may cause color of the brush to fade.

Lay flat and dry completely before use.