DecortŽ Vi-Fusion Overnight Performance Cream

Decorté Vi-Fusion Overnight Performance Cream


This ultra-luxurious, emollient cream works at night to hydrate, lift, and firm when the body is in its natural state of renewal and replenishment. As penetrating as a mask, it envelops skin in Decorté Vi-Fusion™, a proprietary elixir that visibly strengthens, regenerates and empowers the skin to renew its life force.

Deep below the epidermal layer of the skin lie Progenitor Cells, essential building blocks of skin’s structure and support. As skin ages, their efficacy slows, leading to atrophy, thinning, sagging, lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Decorté Vi-Fusion’s Pro-Density Network empowers skin to achieve its full potential.

Decorté Cell-Surround 360° envelops cells with one of the most powerful anti-oxidant known to science, protecting it from the cumulative effects of oxidative stress that may degenerate skin’s elastic fiber network known to cause sagging and wrinkling. Daily use helps create a more flexible and springy appearance filled with youth.

Engineered in conjunction with leading university research and pharmaceutical science facilities, a proprietary Cacao Seed Complex works to counter debilitating UVA damage to Fibrillin, essential to the formation of elastin fibers that make up skin’s overall “scaffolding.” Skin awakens to a youthful flexibility and firmness as new dimension, contour and suppleness are revealed.

Paraben-Free. Dermatologically Tested. No Animal Testing.


Every evening, lightly massage over face, neck and décolletage.