Collezione Privata Private Mind Eau de Parfum

Collezione Privata Private Mind Eau de Parfum


The secret garden of an intellectual woman, with a maddening sensuality which intrigues and attracts with a rich interior. This eau de parfum stirs the senses with the spicy heat of saffron, the voluptuousness of rose, and the vibrant, animalistic accents of leathery notes. It envelops feline women with a calm and intimate temperament. It is fire under ice.

A woman’s homage to those she has praised and enhanced for 20 years. Sophie Vann-Guillon opens the doors of her “Collezione Privata,” of eau de parfum by Storie Veneziane. It delivers three expressions of femininity: sometimes mischievous and rebellious, elegant and sober, intellectual and intimate. Sensual and contrasting, the fragrances are worn as embellishments of beauty.


Saffron: Red gold, a deep, sensual warm first spice

Rose: A flower as fragile as it is voluptuous, it anchors the composition with fresh vibrancy

Leather: An opulent and balsamic scent, rich and distinguished