Collezione Privata Just Bloom Eau de Parfum

Collezione Privata Just Bloom Eau de Parfum


Just Bloom dresses the portrait of the contemporary woman, self-assured, successful and forward-looking, infinitely elegant and fiercely independent, both gentle and strong. Contrasts celebrated as the subtle notes of this crystalline scent unfurl, an exquisite play of light and dark, from the cool opening caress to the warm, sumptuous finale, from the delicate bud to the full blossom.

A bouquet of white flowers come to rest upon a bed of silks and linens, an interpretation both pure and sober telling of character, joy and fulfillment, a white floral signature of contemporary elegance and crystalline luminosity.

A woman’s homage to those she has praised and enhanced for 20 years. Sophie Vann-Guillon opens the doors of her “Collezione Privata,” of eau de parfum by Storie Veneziane. It delivers three expressions of femininity: sometimes mischievous and rebellious, elegant and sober, intellectual and intimate. Sensual and contrasting, the fragrances are worn as embellishments of beauty.


Lily of The Valley: Its dainty bells, barely in bloom, infuse the composition with the crystalline freshness of early morning dew and transparent white flowers. Exhilarating, ethereal, like a promise of happiness.

Gardenia: Rich and multifaceted, an opulent floral bouquet of solar radiance whose soothing accords leave an impression of velvety softness and plenitude.

Ambergris: 100% vegetal, a sumptuous musky touch to seal the identity of this perfume with strength, warmth and audacity.