Cellcosmet CellEctive CellLift Cream

Cellcosmet CellEctive CellLift Cream


Enriched with an extremely high cellular concentration and brimming with ultra-effective ingredients acting in perfect synergy, CellEctive CellLift Cream is the ultimate in anti-aging cellular skincare for the face and neck.

Its anti-gravity and anti-aging effects are multiple and noticeable from the very first applications. They intensify day after day: imparting vital energy to the skin, hydrating and protecting, and improving elasticity and firmness. It re-densifies skin and restores a supple texture for a redefined facial contour and a radiant complexion.

With 30% stabilized bio-integral cells which is at the same concentration level as the Cellcosmet UltraCell, the cream injects vital energy to the skin.


  • Ultra revitalizing
  • Hydrating and firming
  • Densifying
  • Wrinkle-reduction and volume restoring
  • Radiance revealing


It is advised to combine the application of CellEctive CellLift Cream with that of the CellEctive CellLift Serum and or the Cellcosmet Elasto-Collagen XT.