Synactif Nighttime Moisturizer

Synactif Nighttime Moisturizer


An intensive nighttime moisturizer with anti-aging benefits that works with skin’s natural purification processes to reverse and prevent visible signs of aging for tighter, smoother-looking skin.

Restores skin overnight with deep hydration, repairing damage from the day with a formula optimized for skin’s nighttime rhythms. Smoothes and retexturizes the appearance of skin for a soft and even-toned complexion in the morning. With continued use, skin is visibly lifted and sculpted with more defined contours.


Contains the Clé de Peau Beauté exclusive ingredient MACC-PD*

  • Absorbs deeply into the surface of the skin and gives the pampered feeling of a rich hydrating massage
  • Creates a dramatically smooth, even surface with a texture that looks beautifully polished
  • Leaves skin exquisitely moisturized and filled with resilience
  • Stabilizes and rebalances skin following exposure to the daytime environment
  • Reduces the visibility of fine lines and roughness in the delicate eye area to promote a smooth, resilient look
  • Offers a feeling of overnight results, providing a sense of smoothness and suppleness emanating from within


    • Exclusive Purifying Beautifier with mulberry and cinnamon bark extracts helps enhance skin texture, even tone, and contours to sculpt from every visible angle
    • Centaurea Cyanus Flower Extract helps to enhance skin’s renewal process* for a more youthful look (*in vitro test)
    • 4MSK & Vitamin C-Ethyl, Vitamin E, Double Hyaluronic Acid visible enhance bright, even-toned, moisturized, and vibrant skin


    Blend outward from the center of your face, starting at the cheeks, then move to the forehead, nose and chin. Repeat two to three times.

    Finish with a lymphatic-inspired facial massage. After blending the moisturizer thoroughly over the entire face, press the points indicated using the tip of the middle and ring fingers of both hands.

    1. Center of forehead→ temples→ front of ears→ facial outline
    2. Start of eyebrows→ under the brow bone→ front of ears→facial outline