Swiss Line Cell Shock Anti-Oxidant Water

Swiss Line Cell Shock Anti-Oxidant Water

This second step in your cleansing regimen serves simultaneously as a step in your in anti-aging regimen - building skin resilience and promoting health! The product is formulated using two skin-identical antioxidants -SOD & Glutathione - together with a handful of hydration and barrier-promoting ingredients that respect all skin conditions, including sensitive ones.



  • Skin is deeply hydrated, refreshed and protected from ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species)
  • The natural skin barrier is restored
  • Recommended for all skin types


After washing your skin with the Skin Friendly Cleanser, pour a few drops of Antioxidant Water into the palm of your hands and gently dab over the face until the product is absorbed.

The Antioxidant Water has been ophthalmologically tested and can be safely applied around the eye area.