Palazzo Nobile Satin Musk Eau de Toilette

Palazzo Nobile Satin Musk Eau de Toilette


Generous and subtle, this eau de toilette envelops sweet, romantic, and delicate women in a powdery cocoon. A celebratory harmony of musk adorned with notes of aniseed reveals a sunny and floral accord of imperial jasmine. Intimacy is revealed in a discreet and ultra-feminine fragrance.

Seven floral, crystalline, easy-to-wear gems reflect our emotions. Palazzo Nobile captures life’s moments in subtle fragrances. A noble and intimate collection for men and women who indulge in sensory pleasure. From a desire for freedom to a burst of laughter, from a fresh bouquet to a powdery green cocoon. From ultra-feminine to universally seductive, these racy scents awaken what’s within.


Musk: The softest of notes create a fleshy and powdery character

Aniseed Notes: a fresh and sparkling composition that awakens the senses

Jasmine Accord: The subtle opulence of a bouquet of sensual white flowers and bold green fruits