Guerlain Samsara Eau de Toilette

Guerlain Samsara Eau de Toilette


Samsara is an elixir of seduction for a woman who has found harmony and balance, which is notably conveyed through the composition's raw materials: the purest sandalwood and a jasmine used only for religious offerings until then.

Designed in 1853 by Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain for the Empress Eugénie, wife of Napoléon III, this precious bottle is adorned with the symbol of the Empire: the bee, which is now La Maison Guerlain’s emblem.


From the moment it takes flight, Samsara envelops with its prevalence of jasmine flowers. Sunny ylang-ylang flowers accentuate this all the more by marrying them with the generously radiant warmth of sandalwood. Finally, iris, tonka bean and vanilla enhance and unify the pairings to create a remarkable fragrance trail.