Guerlain Mad Eyes Precise Eyeliner

Guerlain Mad Eyes Precise Felt Eyeliner

Tint Color

MAD EYES Precise Liner, an eyeliner pen with an ultra-precise, intensely matte and easy-to-apply graphic line for a perfectly mastered cat-eye look. Its fine, flexible tip lets you adjust the thickness of the line, as fine or as dense as you please, with an intensity that adapts to the pressure used. The shade remains matte for 24 hours*, with a long-lasting line that does not bleed over the course of the day. It is resistant to tears and humidity and is easy to remove.


To create the perfect winged eyeliner look:
Place the tip of the pen in the outer corner of the eye, holding it parallel to the brow line. Press down with the tip like a stamp in order to draw the wing. Join the wing up with the upper part of the eyelid. Complete the line of eyeliner by gliding the tip of the pen from the middle of the eyelid toward the inner corner of the eye.

Tip: Adjust the pressure to create a thicker or thinner line.

Size: 0.6 ml