Decorté Vita De Rêve

Decorté Vita De Rêve


Blended with extracts of four Lamiaceae plants: sage extract, perilla leaf extract, wild thyme extract, and rosemary water. It works on skin that is easily troubled with the changes in the season and from complex environmental factors. This is a unique lotion that helps to create reborn skin that is even more resilient and healthy.

It delivers the vital powers of the plants deep into the horny layers of the skin, creating calmed skin that is trouble-free. It takes care of dullness and roughness that arise from uneven textures, and helps keep the skin smooth and translucent.

The lotion has high penetrative properties, so that when applied, skin feels clean yet continuously moisturized. It has a dewy yet refreshing texture when applied. The herbal spice fragrance with a scent of sage refreshes not only the skin but also the senses.

If the skin is particularly dull or irritated, use this lotion as a pre-lotion before your usual lotion.


After using emollient, add a dollop about the size of a large coin to a cotton pad and apply to skin by patting. (Alternatively, use in place of your current lotion.)