Decorté AQ Treatment Body Cream

Decorté AQ Treatment Body Cream


A rich body cream that melts quickly into skin and helps to leave skin firm, smooth, supple and beautifully moisturized.

AQ 'Absolute Quality' signature ingredients combine with nourishing Linseed Oil, Organic Murumuru Butter and Callicarpa Japonica Fruit Extract to envelop your body in rich, nourishing hydration. The signature AQ scent relaxes and soothes the body and mind for a more luxurious experience.


Organic Murumuru Butter: This deeply hydrating, anti-inflammatory ingredient also helps to soothe and repair the skin barrier, due to its high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins A, E and C.

Callicarpa Japonica Fruit Extract: Native to Japan, antioxidant-rich Japanese beautyberry, helping to reveal brighter skin and a more translucent, youthful glow.


Use it before going to bed at night, or as part of your morning skincare. Take appropriate amounts onto a spatula or your fingertips, and blend them into your body.