DecortŽ AQ Meliority Intensive Revitalizing Lotion

Decorté AQ Meliority Intensive Revitalizing Lotion


Contains highly-concentrated beauty ingredients.

A supreme lotion that transcends what a skin lotion is all about.

It quickly spreads moisture all over the skin and helps create skin filled with clarity and suppleness. Experience sheer bliss with this lush and rich lotion that leaves you feeling fresh and dewy.

Two kinds of Delivery Capsules in different sizes break up with a time lag, and help create contrasting textures.

The white birch water and beauty ingredients, contained in high concentrations*, spread throughout the stratum corneum. They help retain the moisture that the skin has held, giving the skin a bright and vibrant look.


Use every morning and night after applying emulsion.

Saturate a cotton pad and gently pat over face.