Decorté AQ Absolute Treatment Micro-Radiance Emulsion III

Decorté AQ Absolute Treatment Micro-Radiance Emulsion III


DECORTÉ’s layering ritual helps strengthen the skin from within. Apply Emulsion then Lotion to help soften the skin to help lotion penetrate deeper to help skin appear more radiant and plumper. This Airy Rich Emulsion gently blends into the skin to promote radiance and creates a prime foundation for enhanced application of all skincare that follows.

Formulated with carefully selected plant extracts including Champaca Flower extract which was newly developed through joint research with a world-renowned botanical research institute. A highly concentrated Shirakaba Water, derived from the sap and bark of the Japanese White Birch Tree, White Mucuna Bean Extract, and double peptide technology help to effectively strengthen and repair skin for a firmer, more hydrated look and feel. Lightly scented with a blissful blend of natural fragrances that help to soothe and relax the mind.

Available in three textures, concentrated to offer your desired level of moisturization: I for Oily Skin, II for Normal Skin and III for Dry Skin.

The Absolute Formula for Absolute Quality. The DECORTÉ AQ collection highlights the uncompromising commitment to craftsmanship. The collection features meticulous formulas blended with unique manufacturing methods that feature unique penetration technology to help deliver carefully selected ingredients to the skin.


Use morning and night prior to Lotion. Add two pumps of Emulsion to a cotton pad and gently smooth and press into the face, neck and décolletage.

Refill size product. Remove screw top and replace with pump and cap from full size Emulsion.