Clarins Total Cleansing Oil

Clarins Total Cleansing Oil


Refreshing, easy-rinse lightweight cleansing oil, formulated with purifying Alpine herbs and 47% Organic Sunflower oil, water-activates into a silky milk that immediately dissolves even heavy, long-wearing, and waterproof makeup and pollutants while preserving the skin's microbiota to leave skin feeling soft, clean, and comfortable. The duo of two organic Alpine plant extracts—Organic Golden Gentian and Organic Lemon Balm—make up our exclusive Gentle Complex to soothe and soften skin, and are sourced responsibly from Le Domaine Clarins—our open-air laboratory and farm located in the French Alps. 

Total Cleansing Oil’s plant-infused formula helps preserve the skin’s microbiota—the normal levels of bacteria in healthy skin—for a clean, radiant, comfortable complexion. Moringa extract helps detoxify skin by eliminating pollutants.

Safe for use on eyes, face, and lips, Total Cleansing Oil refreshes the senses with the floral-green notes of Melon, Green Mandarin, Rose, Violet leaves, Cashmeran Wood, Musk, and Amber. Rinses off with water. Dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested.


  • Removes long-wearing, heavy, and waterproof makeup and pollutants
  • Leaves skin soft, clean, and comfortable
  • Preserves a healthy balance of the skin's microbiota
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Safe for use on face, eyes, and lips
  • Formulated with plant extracts sourced responsibly from Le Domaine Clarins, our open-air laboratory in the French Alps.


Apply Total Cleansing Oil to dry skin and mix with water to emulsify into white milk. Rinse with water. Follow with Toning Lotion if desired.