Clarins Extra-Firming Energy

Clarins Extra-Firming Energy


Extra-Firming Energy is a complete skincare range packed with vitamins. Made from plant and fruit extracts, it fights against the loss of radiance and helps skin that lacks firmness and bounces back.

Extra-Firming Energy joins the Extra-Firming range, expert care for firmer skin. Along with the [GLOW PLUS COMPLEX], it adds a double-energy effect for a healthy-looking complexion instantly!

This 2-in-1 treatment combines Clarins expertise in firmness with the enhancing effect of a radiance cream. When the skin is subjected to a fast-paced lifestyle, it becomes dull, fatigued, and wrinkles appear... Extra-Firming Energy is the answer, as it helps restore the skin's firmness and creates a revitalized, radiant complexion!

And of course, each application provides a dose of well-being and a sensory experience, thanks to its creamy texture and fresh, energizing scent. Finally, a treatment that puts the spring back in your skin and your step! Your firm skin will be positively glowing!


Apply every morning using the pressure-draining method to preserve the skin’s firmness.