Cellcosmet CellEctive CellCollagen Eye Contour Mask

Cellcosmet CellEctive CellCollagen Eye Contour Mask


CellCollagen Eye Treatment Mask is a gentle, effective, and non-invasive collagen mask that uniquely addresses all concerns of the eye areas caused by facial expressions and natural aging process.


  • A visible relaxing of expression lines and wrinkles - a Botox-like effect
  • Ultra smoothing of the lined area
  • Plumbing effect -for lines and wrinkles, a wrinkle corrector
  • Intense moisturizing and revitalizing
  • Reduce puffiness under-eye area
  • Dark circles are lightened
  • Eyelids are more toned as if lifted

A highly effective concentrate against visible effects of skin aging around the eye contour with an anti-fatigue, anti-dark circles and instant plumping effect.

A box of 5 sachets each containing 2 masks.


Remove the masks from the sachet.

Apply the non-mesh side under the eyes.

Smooth out with fingertips.

Leave for 15-20 minutes before removing. Massage in any excess serum by gently tapping with fingertips.

Recommended from age 30 as a five-day intensive treatment or throughout the year once a week for 5 weeks.