Babor SeaCreation The Eye Cream

Babor SeaCreation The Eye Cream


A luxurious anti-aging eye cream for all skin types. The source of true beauty lies in the depths of the seas. The BABOR laboratories have come a step closer to this centuries-old secret. Intelligent active anti-wrinkle ingredient MicroAlgae AP, combined with the effective anti-aging protein Glycocéane GP3 and the energizing micro-organism BABOR thermophilus, makes SeaCreation The Eye Cream a masterpiece with an all-round anti-aging effect. It boosts the skin’s radiance and helps counteract oxidative skin stress.

SeaCreation helps protect against premature skin aging, helps promote anti-aging skin functions and assists in the reducing appearance of existing signs of aging. The skin appears firmer, smoother and youthfully fresh.


  • The eye area looks fresh and supple
  • Lines and wrinkles appear reduced
  • Improved firmness of the skin
  • Intensive, long-lasting moisture


Glycocéane GP3, MicroAlgae AP, BABOR thermophilus

Extracts of brown algae: protects the skin from drying out

Extracts of fucus vesiculosus: provide moisture

Silk proteins: give a satiny skin feeling & protects against moisture loss

Pearl proteins: give a satiny skin feeling

Polysaccharides: provide moisture

Milk proteins: provide moisture

Almond milk: helps soften and smooth the skin

Squalane: strengthens the protective barrier of the skin


Use in the morning and evening, after cleansing. Remove the cream with the spatula, apply to the area around your eyes and massage into the skin using circular movements.

Tip: For a refreshing boost and a bright eye area, place the applicator in the refrigerator before use.