Valmont L'Elixir des Glaciers The Majestic Celebration

Valmont L'Elixir des Glaciers The Majestic Celebration


L’Elixir des Glaciers celebrates 20 years of creation, 20 years of enhanced beauty.

Discover Collection Majestueuse, resulting from the union of science and the hive, which nectars concocted by bees, honey, propolis and royal jelly, have wonderful nourishing and repairing properties.

Masque Majestueux Votre Visage, a universal champion of instant nutrition, reveals the happiness of a fulfilled skin.

Together with Cure Majestueuse Votre Visage, the reinvented repairing oil, and Sérum Majestueux Vos Yeux, that has a lifting effect on eyelids, your complexion, full of new freshness, awakens. The best way to defy time gracefully!

This 3-piece skincare set includes:

Cure Majestueuse Oil - 12.5 ml
Masque Majestueux - 30 ml
Serum Majestueux Eye Serum - 15 ml


Cure Majestueuse:
This highly sensory nectar is divine to apply and is quickly absorbed to melt into the skin, releasing powerful omegas and precious ingredients from the hive. It provides immediate nutrition to the skin, protects the skin from oxidation, repairs skin damage, firms, and boosts the skin’s elasticity.

Serum Majestueux Eye Serum:
A luxurious eye serum that helps with lifting and rejuvenating the upper lid and smoothing out wrinkles out with increased firmness.

Masque Majestueux:
This universal nourishing masque creates a rare sensory experience that infuses the skin with precious ingredients from the hive. Immediate nutrition to the skin, moisturizing the epidermis soothing all types of discomfort and stimulating the skin’s regeneration. Leaving the skin softer with a previously unknown comfort and the appearance full and plumped.