Swiss Line Resurfacing Infusion Mask

Swiss Line Resurfacing Infusion Mask


The Resurfacing Infusion Mask re-texturizes the skin, and minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores to reveal a velvety, smooth skin. Infused with glycolic/ salicylic acids and niacinamide, these bio-fruit cellulose masks remove surface debris and help speed up cellular turnover, while simultaneously protecting and hydrating the new skin.

It is ideal for customers that want skincare benefits beyond traditional resurfacing or have a limited time to achieve a new, flawless skin surface.


  • Immediately re-texturizes the skin, minimizing the pores
  • Smooths line and wrinkles instantly
  • Transforms skin surface, making it more even and smooth
  • Maximizes the effectiveness of a follow-on mask


Wash face, and towel-dry gently.

Remove mask from its sachet and unfold. Peel off the protective plastic film.

Place the mask onto face, aligning holes with eyes, nose and mouth. Softly press the mask in place using both hands.

Remove mask after 15 to 20 minutes. Any remaining essence can be massaged into face.

Perfect as a weekly based product before your regular skincare cream or before any cream mask ritual.