Juvena Lifting Peeling Powder

Juvena Lifting Peeling Powder


For skin that needs refinement, smoothness and luminosity. This peeling powder with lifting effect contains refining bamboo particles and removes dead skin cells, polishes and refines skin. Refined skin texture, more even and luminous skin.


Due to its exceptional powdery consistency, this pH-neutral and extra gentle peeling provide a creamy fresh foam, free of tensides, that perfectly refines the skin for a more even and luminous appearance and a wonderful feeling of cleanliness, freshness and softness.

  • It strengthens the skin's connective tissue, detoxifies and improves its microcirculation and elasticity for an optimal lifting effect
  • This intensively moisturizing peeling powder keeps the skin smooth and soft


Place a small amount of the peeling powder (approximately 1 teaspoon) into the palm of your hand and mix with a bit of water.

Apply this delicate foam onto your face and massage gently.

Wash away with a moistened cotton wool pad or with lukewarm water. The perfect preparation for any beauty mask or self-tanner.