Juvena Detoxifying Concentrate

Juvena Detoxifying Concentrate


Juvena Phyto De-Tox Detoxifying Concentrate removes damaged cells and stimulates cell renewal for skin that is rejuvenated. This concentrate purifies and fortifies skin from deep inside. Deep-penetrating moisture prevents premature aging for skin that is smooth, supple and renewed.


  • Plant-based extracts help the skin to shine with a new radiance
  • Supports the skin in degrading damaged cells
  • Strengthens the skin by stimulating cellular detoxification process from the inside out
  • Prevents premature aging


Avocado Protein / Triple Anti-Aging Effect

Candida Saitoana Extract (yeast cells)

Plant-based complex of active substances including Echium, Balloon plant and sunflower oil

SkinNova SC Technology: This two-fold revolutionary technology provides a synergetic effect as a skin-friendly basis for cell renewal

Avocado Oil

Hyaluronic acid (long and short chains)


Apply daily morning and evening to clean skin, apply under the usual facial care.