Juvena Aqua Recharge Gel

Juvena Aqua Recharge Gel


Based on JUVENA’s exclusive SkinNova SC Technology, this cream improves the quality of your skin. This intensive moisturizing and energizing formula combined with a wild rhododendron stem cell extract refreshes and revitalizes the skin. Noticeably softer and fresher skin with sparkling radiance. Like newly created.


  • Distinctly supplies and connects the skin's own moisture and ensures that the skin's condition is optimal
  • Moisturizes and smoothens the upper epidermal skin layer for a moisture fresh feeling
  • Provides the skin cells with an ideal microclimate, recharges and revitalizes the energy reserves
  • Refreshes by a great pleasure of fruity energetic fragrance


Apply the light-creamy texture every morning and evening after cleansing the face, neck and decollete.