Guerlain Eyebrow Kit

Guerlain Eyebrow Kit


The Guerlain Eyebrow Kit structures and stylizes all eyebrows for a tailored yet natural look, thanks to its three powders, a highlighter and a double applicator.

Designed to adapt to all tones, the three universal colours (light, medium, dark) blend together to create just the right shade. The slightly pearly beige highlighter is swept on under the brow line to gloss the brows while making the eyes look bigger. These evanescent hybrid textures adjust over and over, allowing for wet & dry applications on a whim for intense or natural eyes.


Brush the eyebrow from the brow bone up toward the forehead with the eyebrow brush. Then brush away from the nose toward the ears to leave a clean line.

Draw the shape of the eyebrow by tracing the bottom line with the bevel tip.

Using small light strokes, fill in the eyebrows, starting closest to the nose. Blend the powder at the outer edge of the brow.

Apply the rose-beige illuminator just below the eyebrow to create contrast and brighten the look.