DecortŽ Total Relief Eye Mask

Decorté Total Relief Eye Mask


This plush treatment mask immerses the delicate eye area in concentrated rejuvenating actives, helping quickly soothe puffiness and sweep away the look of lines and wrinkles for an enlivened, vital appearance.

Decorté Vi-Fusion™, a proprietary elixir, visibly strengthens, regenerates and empowers delicate skin to renew its life force. Decorté Vi-Fusion’s Aqueous Algin-Mesh locks in moisture to help replace signs of aging with softer, supple skin.

Rich in anti-oxidants and gamma-linolenic acid, Evening Primrose quickly revives the eye area. Matsuhodo Extract, a mushroom long trusted in Eastern Medicine for its fluid balancing properties, helps to energize, vastly reducing the appearance of under-eye puffiness.

Paraben-Free. Dermatologically Tested. No Animal Testing.


Following Decorté Vi-Fusion Essence™, separate and apply treatment mask under each eye, gently patting to bond with skin.

After 20 minutes, remove and gently pat excess treatment into skin. Infuse the under-eye area with life weekly, or more often when stress and fatigue take their toll.