Babor Skinovage Purifying Anti-Aging Cream

Babor Skinovage Purifying Anti-Aging Cream


Is your complexion sallow and dull? Are you in need of a product that can bring back that youthful glow? Skinovage PX Pure Purifying Anti-Aging Cream from Babor is the way to go.

This hardworking, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging formula works to strengthen the skin's natural barrier, combat skin impurities while protecting against light-induced skin aging. Ideal for really any skin type experiencing the signs of aging, this excellent concentrate contains Vitamin E, zinc salt, macadamia nut oil and Panthenol to reduce any signs of fine lines and wrinkles while offering a remarkable, youthful glow to your complexion. You will fall in love with the results and be left wanting more.


  • Protects against free radicals
  • Combats skin impurities
  • Reduces the size of pores
  • Strengthens the skin's natural barrier


After cleansing, apply to the neck, face and décolleté.