Babor Skin Glow Illuminator

Babor Skin Glow Illuminator


A liquid illuminator with a glow effect for creating accents or mixing with foundations. 

Touches of Skin Glow Illuminator can be applied to create instant highlights, e.g. around the eyes, and on the cheeks and lips.


It can be used to add highlights to specific areas or to create an overall fresh glow and boost the skin’s youthful radiance.


To add highlights to specific areas:
Take a few drops of Skin Glow Illuminator onto your finger and place highlights above the eyes, in the apples of your cheeks and in the center of the lips. Carefully blend the transitions with your fingertips.

To mix with liquid foundation:
Depending on the glow effect you want to achieve, mix the required amount of foundation with a small amount of Skin Glow Illuminator in the palm of your hand. Then apply with a sponge or a make-up brush.